Jun 27, 2017
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General information:

What can The National Drug-Free Workplace Alliance do for your company?

The National Drug-Free Workplace Alliance (NDWA) can assist businesses with implementing comprehensive drug-free workplace programs.

The National Drug-Free Workplace Alliance is able to provide the following services at no cost as follows:

  • Turnkey policy development (Florida only)
  • Policy templates (nationwide)
  • U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) policies and documents
  • Assistance in policy implementation 
  • Supporting forms 
  • Drug testing implementation 
  • Online supervisor training program (including DOT supervisors)
  • Online employee training program (including DOT employees)
  • Online parent "Keeping Your Kids Drug Free" education program 
  • Ongoing support through quarterly newsletters and consultation 
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) referral

The drug free workplace policy is the cornerstone of a company program. It is designed for easy implementation with virtually no disruption or expense to your small business. It is a comprehensive document that includes forms and checklists for nearly any situation an employer may encounter. Available for businesses regulated by the U.S. DOT.

Drug Testing Implementation
National Drug-Free Workplace Alliance arranges for discounted drug testing services through a certified laboratory. Each employer receives a supply of custom printed laboratory Custody and Control forms. Common types of testing include pre-employment, post-accident, reasonable suspicion, and random. Consortium pools are also available for employers required to perform random drug and/or alcohol testing under the U.S. DOT

A key component to a successful drug-free workplace program is the training and education of supervisors and employees. National Drug-Free Workplace Alliance provides online web-based supervisor, employee, and parent education training to client companies at no cost.

Supervisor Training
Supervisor training helps those in charge know what to do when tough situations arise. They are trained in how to recognize symptoms of drug and alcohol abuse, how to document those symptoms and other related performance issues, and how to intervene when necessary. Without the supervisor's support and understanding of the program, the employer may not fully benefit from a drug-free workplace program.

Employee Training
Employee training is just as important as supervisor training to explain why an employer has chosen to implement a drug-free workplace program. Employee safety and workplace image (both for the employee and customers) are two important themes. With proper training, most employees embrace the program and appreciate the many benefits of a drug-free workplace.

Parents in the Workplace
In today's society, children often know more about drugs than their parents. When problems arise in your employees' homes, the parents' job performance may suffer. Parents will learn how to recognize the signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol abuse, how to help their children, and what things they can do to ensure that the children do not have problems with drug or alcohol abuse. Being involved with drug and alcohol prevention lets your employees know that you value them and the well-being of their families.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

From time to time, employees often have a personal or family crisis that affects the workplace. Whether it is drug or alcohol abuse, physical abuse, divorce, medical issues, mental health concerns, child rearing, legal, or financial problems, an EAP can reduce costs by assisting the employee in early intervention and, if needed, make referrals for ongoing assistance. Examples of savings come from: reduced use of sick time, lowered health insurance claims, reduced workers' compensation claims, stable productivity, quality and quantity, etc. EAP programs are a very cost-effective way to save money by investing in your employees. For a very nominal fee (approximately $10 per year, per employee), employees and their immediate families have free access for up to three 1-hour appointments with a trained professional.

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