May 24, 2017
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General information:


Coalition and Community Resource Tool Kit 

Support your community-wide prevention efforts by introducing a comprehensive drug-free workplace strategy that addresses all segments of workers and provides resources for businesses to adopt this best practice program.  This tool kit is offered at no charge to coalitions and official community organizations. 


Community Strategy

  • Establish and Engage a Drug-Free Workplace Task Force
  • Create Public Awareness of a Drug-free Workplace
  • Logo

Fact Sheets

  • Substance Abuse in the Workplace Fact Sheet
  • Prescription Drug Abuse Fact Sheet
  • Marijuana Fact Sheet
  • Synthetic and Designer Drug Fact Sheet

Drug-Free Workplace Program

  • Overview of a Drug Free Workplace
  • National Drug-Free Workplace Alliance Flyer
  • National Drug-Free Workplace Alliance Employer Enrollment Form
  • Online Drug-Free Workplace Supervisor Training
  • Employee and Parent Awareness Courses


  • National Resources
  • Newsletters for Employers, Supervisors, Employees and Parents
  • Communication: The Key To Keeping Your Kids Drug Free


  • Prescription Drug Abuse in the Workplace
  • Why a Drug-Free Workplace Program Matters
  • Enhance Your Company’s Health and Safety Program
  • Making Employee Health and Safety a Priority
  • Marijuana Use and The Workplace
  • A Drug-Free Workplace Program and Improving Employee Relations

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"Coalition and Community Resource Tool kit"

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