Jun 27, 2017
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National Drug-Free
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A Division of Drug Free America Foundation, Inc.
5999 Central Ave, Ste 301
St. Petersburg, FL 33710
NDWA: 727-471-0009 ext 109
DFAF: 727-828-0211 ext 109
DFAF Fax: 727-828-0212

General information:

What can The National Drug-Free Workplace Alliance do for your prevention organization?

The National Drug-Free Workplace Alliance (NDWA) supports a national coalition of service providers that support drug free workplace programs with a special emphasis on small businesses.
Services include:
  • National identity and infrastructure including web site, office and staff.
  • Communication link to other drug free workplace providers across the nation. (see our National Contacts page).
  • Links to free or discounted services to pass on to your small business clients.
  • Collective voice in promoting sound drug free workplace policies and laws that provide effective strategies in reducing drug use by employees and their families.


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