Jun 27, 2017
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08/17/2015 Cleveland Council on Smaller Enterprises (COSE) Joins Growing List Against Marijuana LegislationClick Here
09/18/2014 Stoners on the job: Nearly 10% of Americans went to work highClick Here
09/11/2014 Workforce Drug Test Positivity Rate Increases for the First Time in 10 Years, Finds Quest Diagnostics Drug Testing Index™Click Here
09/01/2014 What Are the Costs Associated with Marijuana Legalization?Click Here
06/19/2014 What Do State Marijuana Laws Mean for Employers' Drug Policies?Click Here
05/04/2014 Colorado's Highs Burn Lowe'sClick Here
11/19/2013 Drug Use on the Decline at Work, Except RxClick Here
11/18/2013 Drug-Free Workplace Act Turns 25Click Here
11/07/2013 Advice for Small Employers Testing New Hires for DrugsClick Here
06/03/2012 Pain Pills Add Costs and Delays to Job InjuriesClick Here
06/03/2012 Pain Pills Add Costs and Delays to Job InjuriesClick Here
02/21/2011 Federal Court in Michigan Dismisses Medical Marijuana User's Claims Arising from Positive Drug TestClick Here
11/26/2010 Drug testing - Deputies set good example with policy Click Here
08/12/2010 California Chamber of Commerce Supports Drug Free WorkplacesClick Here
09/23/2009 Mandatory Alcohol Testing For Truck And Bus Drivers Reduces Alcohol Involvement In Fatal CrashesClick Here
09/11/2008 DOT Regulatory UpdateClick Here
11/01/2007 Seeking Savings, Employers Help Smokers QuitClick Here
10/29/2007 Young Adult Workers Have Highest Rate of Illicit Drug Use, Least Access to EAPsClick Here
08/07/2007 AUGUST 07 LIST OF DHHS LABSClick Here
07/30/2007 Substance Abuse And Addiction Among Most Serious Workplace IssuesClick Here
06/01/2007 Workplace Drinking Culture Influences Employees' Alcohol UseClick Here
04/02/2007 Smokers Take More Sick Leave, Make Poorer WorkersClick Here
03/19/2007 OR Senate Passes Bill Allowing Employers to Fire Medical-Marijuana UsersClick Here
07/10/2006 Industry Joins with Feds to Reduce Drug UseClick Here
06/20/2006 Workers' Positive Drug Tests DecreaseClick Here