Apr 23, 2014
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Drug Free Workplaces:
Benefitting Employers,
Employees & Communities
Drug Free Workplaces: Benefitting Employees, Families & Communities is approximately an hour-long broadcast that focuses on what a drug free workplace can do for businesses, their employees and families, as well as the community as a whole. Experts will provide valuable information about how businesses gain the tools and assistance necessary to implement a successful drug-free workplace program. Experts in prevention, treatment, and recovery will also discuss substance abuse and addiction as it relates to the workplace.
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Working Parents

New resource for working parents!
Parents don't get a handbook when children are born, but one thing is certain: they must have a clear channel of communication to address the many challenges their kids will face in their young lives. In the course Communication: The Key to Keeping Your Kids Drug Free, parents will learn tips for communicating with their kids, including ideas for being proactive rather than reactive; setting boundaries, limits and outcomes; being a role model; connecting with and influencing children; and using teachable moments to talk about substance abuse. Course length: 30 minutes.

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